Celebrating Success


Alumni Horizon Award

Celebrating the outstanding achievements of University of Alberta alumni early in their careers.

Saleem Khaldoon Al-Nuaimi, ’09 BMedSc, ’10 MD, has a passion for psychiatry that knows no borders. After a medical mission to Turkey, he noticed the lack of psychiatric resources for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. His solution was a telepsychiatry service that allowed him to provide consultation over the Internet. This pilot program has been so successful it has expanded to include six psychiatrists from across North America as well as other mental health professionals. Al-Nuaimi, a psychiatrist specializing in children and adolescents, is also leading efforts to open a mental health facility in northern Syria. Al-Nuaimi serves on the charity board of Life for Relief and Development, and volunteers with the Canadian chapter of the International Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations. He has won a number of undergraduate and graduate awards. His humanitarian philosophy extends outside his school and career, as he volunteers at his community mosque and a youth club

Annual Resident Appreciation Night

Congratulations to the residents who were recipients to the following awards:

  • Dr Rejish Thomas - recipient of the Chairman’s Prize for Research
  • Dr's Roy Ulrich and Roshan Hegde - recipients of the Julius Guild Prize in Group and Family Therapy
  • Dr's Sarah Wong and Stephanie Moffat - recipients of the R.H. Mewburn Memorial Prize in Clinical and Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
  • Dr's David LeBaron and Erin Will - recipients of the R.H. Mewburn Memorial Prize in Rehabilitation/Forensic Psychiatry
  • Dr Stanley Govenlock - recipients of the R.H. Mewburn Memorial Prize in Clinical and Liaison Psychiatry in General Adult Psychiatry
  • Dr Sarah Tymchuk - recipient of the Sidney Spaner Memorial Award in Psychotherapeutic Psychiatry
  • Dr's Claire Seymour and Erin Stolte - recipient of the Sidney Spaner Memorial Award in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dr Saleem Al-Nuami recipient of the Henry Wojckicki Prize in Transcultural Psychiatry
  • Dr Gloria Lee - recipient of the Henry Wojckicki Prize for Child Psychiatry
  • Dr Jennifer Benz - recipient of the R.H. Mewburn Memorial Prize in Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Dr Olivia Duffy - recipient of the Health-CPR Society Prize in Addiction Psychiatry 
  • Dr. Neil Parker - recipient of the OCD and OCD Spectrum Prize in Adult Psychiatry
  • Dr Ebad Habibollahzadeh- recipient of the Prize for Work in the Area of Human Sexuality
  • Dr Antonia Cappella - recipient of the Junior Resident On-Call Award
  • Dr Stephanie Moffat - recipient of the Senior Resident On-Call Award
  • Dr's Jace Dergousoff and Marko Tymchak - recipients of ER Psychiatry Award
  • Dr Lindy VanRiper - recipient of the Teacher of the Year
  • Dr Andrew Haag - recipient of the Subspecialty Teacher of the Year
  • Dr Murray Goodwin - recipient of the Psychotherapy Teaching Award
  • Dr Naureen Kasamali - recipient of the CBT Teaching Award
  • Dr Randy Zbuk - recipient of the On-Call Preceptor Award
  • Dr Tania Oommen - recipient of the PGY-2 Seminar Teaching Award
  • Dr Yakov Shapiro - recipient of the PGY-3 Seminar Teaching Award
May 2015
  • Kudos are in order for medical student Vanessa Rogers who is the recipient of the Undergraduate Medical Education Award.