Name Areas of Research Interests
 Katherine Aitchison The link between mental illness and addiction, genetic risk factors and
personalized medicine, suicide prevention.
 Glen Baker
Mechanisms of action and metabolism of antidepressant/antipanic and neuroprotective drugs
 Roger Bland
Epidemiology of psychiatric disorders
 Alan Carroll
Executive functions, Tourette’s syndrome and psychopharmacology in children
 Pratap Chokka
Psychopharmacology, anxiety disorders and women’s mental health
 Pierre Chue
Clinical neuropsychopharmacology
 Nick Coupland
Neurobiology and cognitive and affective neuroscience of stress, anxiety and depressive disorders
 Bruce Dick
Cognitive deficits in individuals with chronic pain,  pain in children,  imaging
the effects of chronic pain using event-related potentials (ERPs) and
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
 Serdar Dursun
Molecular neuroscience of behavioural and neuroanatomical correlates of
 Charl Els
Tobacco related disorders
 Liam Ennis
Etiology and developmental antecedents of violent and sexual offending
 Pierre Flor-Henry
Patterns of cerebral disorganization in mental illness
 Esther Fujiwara
Interactions of coping style, memory and forgetting
 Andrew Greenshaw
Psychotherapeutic drug action
 Anthony Joyce
Psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy
 Saytabrata Kar
Role of beta-amyloid peptides and insulin-like growth factors in the regulation
of central cholinergic functions and their relevance to Alzheimer's disease
 Jean-Michel Le Melledo
Relationship of affective disorders to cardiovascular risk and female hormones
and neuroactive steroids
 Xinmin Li  Relationship of central white matter damage to produce behavioral symptoms and brain pathology of schizophrenia or depression.  Can antipsychotic and antidepressant treatment prevent white matter damage and/or facilitate recovery. The ability of psychiatric medications to protect the brain from symptoms and brain pathology of Alzheimer's.
 Peter Nguyen
Mechanisms of hippocampal synaptic plasticity
 Hannah Pazderka
Addictions and impulse control disorders
 Scot Purdon
Cerebral basis for schizophrenia and consequences of antipsychotics
 Peter Silverstone
• Brain imaging in pathological gambling; Police interactions with the mentally
• Developmental trauma disorder; Youth mental health promotion and
• Youth addictions
 Thomas Snyder
Neuropsychological impact of epilepsy treatment
 Beverley Stich
Treatment of pediatric mental illness
 Kathryn Todd
Investigations of multiple mechanisms leading to acute and degenerative
neuronal cell death
 Ian Winship
Functional plasticity and behavioural recovery after stroke

Adjunct Researchers

 Name Areas of Research Interests
 Kathy Hegadoren
Psychological and neuroendocrine factors involved in vulnerability of women to
depression and in treatment response to antidepressant therapies
 Andrew Holt
Enzymology, enzyme kinetics and enzyme inhibition mechanisms
 John Lind​ Quantitative techniques in clinical diagnostics
 Nikolai Malykhin
DTI of the limbic system
 Amanda Newton
Pediatric mental health emergencies
 Peter Nguyen
Mechanisms of hippocampal synaptic plasticity
 Hannah Pazderka
Addictions and impulse control disorders
 Chris Power
Neurovirology and neuroimmunology of the CNS and PNS
 Beverley Stich
Treatment of pediatric mental illness
 Phil Tibbo
Schizophrenia and early psychosis
 Liana Urichuk
Evidence-based prevention and treatment of pediatric mental illness
 Jerome Yager
Perinatal brain research
 Lonnie Zwaigenbaum
Behavioural and neurobiological markers of autism