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Fifteen members of the AHS North Zone team chosen for 2016 Spirit Awards

Dr. Vincent Agyapong – Innovation

Edmonton Zone Clinical Section Chief for Community Mental Health and Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta

Fort McMurray

Dr. Vincent Agyapong was nominated for being an inspiring leader with enthusiasm, energy and genuine care for his patients. His desire to improve patients’ lives led to his creation of Text4Mood, a free, positive daily text-messaging service to support people’s mental health in their daily lives.

“I was very excited,” he says, of hearing the news he had received a Spirit Award, “but I wish it had been an award for the whole team that helped me come up with Text4Mood. So many people were instrumental in getting the program up and running.”

Text4Mood launched in January 2016 with a goal of 500 subscribers. By July it had over 6,000.

“We’ve had such a strong interest in the program and I feel very happy that, on a daily basis, we are able to reach out to people with a message of hope,” says Dr. Agyapong.

The program has been a passion project for him, he says. “My dedication to the work I do is mainly driven by the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of my patients.”

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