Courses & Workload

  Note: All graduate degree programs in this department must include some coursework, as specified by a supervisor. Registered courses can be a combination of courses offered by the department or from outside the department.  

The minimum required coursework of Graduate Students registered in the Department of Psychiatry is as follows:

MSc Degree Required Coursework

  • 6 to 9 credits (2 to 3 single-term courses) are required, graduate level courses are worth 3 credits each

PhD Degree Required Coursework

  • Students registered in the PhD program are expected to have credit in Psychiatry 511
  • Students entering the PhD program, the minimum course requirement is 9 credits (3 single term courses) of graded graduate courses.
  • Students transferring into the PhD program from the MSc program, credit for approved courses taken during the MSc program will be transferred to the PhD program


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Psychiatry 511: Biological Aspects of Psychiatry
UofA green arrow down

Psychiatry 515: Maternal Child & Adolescent Mental Health (starting WT 2013) UofA green arrow down

Psychiatry 601: Theory and Practice of Psychiatry UofA green arrow down

Psychiatry 602: Advanced Topics in Psychiatry UofA green arrow down

Psychiatry 603: Psychiatry Tutorial, Research and Reading Course UofA green arrow down

Psychiatry 604: Cognitive Neuropsychiatry UofA green arrow down

Psychiatry 688: Weekly Seminary (Grand Rounds) UofA green arrow down