Administrative Support

  • Rachelle Anderson

    Administrative Assistant for
    • Dr. L. Ostolosky
    • Dr. H.M. Piktel
    • Dr. L. Pawluk

  • Tara Checknita

    Graduate Program/UGME Program Administrator

  • Lori Hoath

    Executive Secretary to the Chair

  • James Lee

    Financial/HR Administrator

  • Pauline Mason

    Administrative Assistant for
    • Dr P. Silverstone

  • Brenda Meier

    Resident Program Administrator

  • Sharon Murphy

    Administrative Assistant
    Division Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Continuous Professional Development

  • Kelly Salmon

    Administrative Assistant for Division of Psychiatry Consultation Liaison
    • Dr. C. Buchholz
    • Dr. K. Collinson
    • Dr. S. Wong
    • Dr. N. Mitchell
    • Dr. B. Stonehocker

  • Trudy Valliere

    Administrative Assistant for
    • Neurochemical Research Unit
    • Associate Chair, Research