1. Dean's Lecture Series

    Dr. Danielle Martin is an assistant professor of family medicine and health care policy at the University of Toronto, and vice-president, Medical Affairs & Health System Solutions. She is a health policy expert who regularly appears as a medical contributor on CBC's the National and as a health columnist for Chatelaine Magazine. She will be delivering a lecture titled "Better Now: Healing Health Care through Relationships and Innovations".

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    Lawyers with Health Conditions; Part 1: Protecting the Public, Optimizing Outcomes for Lawyers-as-Patients, and Protecting the Profession

    Published in the Barrister, the professional journal of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers' Association, Dr. Charl Els, psychiatrist and addiction specialist, along with Diane Kunyk, Cherie Langlois-Klassen, and Mathew Milen present "Lawyers with Health Conditions Part 1.

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    Marijuana and the Workplace

    Published in the Canadian Journal of Addiction, the official publication of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Charl Els, psychiatrist and addiction specialist presents an abstract on Marijuana and the Workplace.

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