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    11th Annual Edmonton Mental Health Conference

    The 11th Annual Mental Health Conference held in the Lister Centre, University of Alberta on Monday April 13, 2015 will discuss early detection of mental health issues in youth and the potential for school-based preventive interventions as well as addressing childhood sexual abuse. Pre-registration deadline: April 2, 2015. For more information, please contact Sharon Murphy; or 780-407-1611.

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    Mental Health Awareness Week: UME, FoMD - Medical Student Initiative

    This fantastic week of events includes a lecture series, resource fair and pet therapy. Talks for the lecture series include anxiety, depression, additions, eating disorder, bipolar disorder as well as suicide.

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    Psychodynamic Peer Consultation Forum

    Announcing the psychodynamic peer consultation forum; an eight week course where each week will delve into different psychodynamic concepts (ie. attachment, transference, mentalization etc). The forum is expected to create a community of professionals brought together by the need to explore challenging clinical dilemmas in the context of an open-minded, mutually enriching dialogue. LIMITED VACANCY.

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