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    WEBINAR: Ending the Disease of Tobacco Addiction

    Most tobacco users know the power of addiction and want to quit. Tobacco contributes to 6 of the 8 leading non-communicable diseases. This session offers a synthesis of the empirical evidence for safe and effective treatment for the condition of addiction to nicotine or nicotine dependence.

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    Improving Interactions between Police and the Mentally Ill

    Police and other Law-enforcement officers are frequently the first-line responders to those suffering from a psychiatric crisis. Training police on how best to interact with individuals who may have a mental illness is not new. Entry-level training on mental illness occurs widely and provides a strong groundwork for positive interactions.

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    The Power of Positive Texting

    Northern Alberta residents seeking more positivity in their lives can now sign up for Alberta Health Services’ free supportive text messaging program, launching today.

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