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    CBC News Item: Department of Psychiatry Resident Dr. Saleem Al-Nuaimi

    CBC News Story, Mental Health Services to Syrians Saleem Al-Nuaimi, a psychiatric resident born and raised in Edmonton, has helped many Syrians cope with the traumatic experiences that haunt their daily lives.

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    Psychodynamic Peer Consultation Forum

    Announcing the psychodynamic peer consultation forum; an eight week course where each week will delve into different psychodynamic concepts (ie. attachment, transference, mentalization etc). The forum is expected to create a community of professionals brought together by the need to explore challenging clinical dilemmas in the context of an open-minded, mutually enriching dialogue. LIMITED VACANCY.

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    Psychiatry Adult Grand Rounds Survey

    The survey for Psychiatry Adult Grand Rounds will assist the department in planning for the educational content for the next year. Your completion of the survey is appreciated.

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